MS079 - How to Laugh All the Way to Bank

A cannibal was walking through the jungle and came upon a recently opened cannibal restaurant. Feeling very hungry, he sat down and looked over the menu: Broiled Businessman Rs.50.00: Baked Housewife Rs.100.00: Fried Politician Rs.1000.00. The troubled cannibal called the waiter over and asked, "Why is there such a huge price difference for the politician?" The waiter replied, "Sir, have you ever tried to clean a politician?"

I laughed aloud when Rumesh told me the above joke. He asked me, "Do you know who the author of this joke is?" I said, "I have no idea."

MS078 - Text to Speech to Money

Recently I wrote an article about automated computerized tutorials that helped a housewife make money. As this project has enormous income potential in India for entrepreneurs, it has kindled the interest of hundreds of educators and housewives. Many of them have asked me a specific question and this article is the answer to it.

MS076 - Income From Automated Tutorials

"Before my marriage, I was working as a Math teacher in a primary school. Now I have a six month old daughter and so I am unable to go for a job. If you suggest a way to earn money working from home, I will be grateful to you," said Ramya.

"Have you thought about your interests, and opportunities around you?" I asked her. "Yes. I think I am good at teaching Math to kids," she said.

MS073 - Seasons Of Income

"Attracting a lot of regular visitors ensures decent income from a website project. That's common sense. But, what type of projects will pull such a huge traffic? Even after scratching my head for several days, I am not able to find out that magic formula. Please help me," Mohan requested me.

MS072 - A Few Exceptions to Rules of Money

Creating a eCommerce website and hosting it is within the reach of most of us. Even if we don't know the alphabets of creating a website, we can hire a web developer and do it.

"Unless we get a lot of traffic to our websites, we will not be able to make decent money from an Internet venture. There are millions of websites and the competition among these websites to attract visitors is intense. How can a beginner like me make money on the Internet?" Suresh asked me.

MS071 - Rags to Riches

Some of the New Indian Express readers have asked me whether an online entrepreneur can aspire to earn only a few thousand rupees from the Internet. As I write only about people that earn less than Rs.25,000 a month from online businesses and activities, they have raised this question.

An online business is just like an offline business. Even though there are millions of successful offline business persons, only a few of them have become millionaires. The case of the Internet is exactly the same.

MS070 - Good For Nothing

Venkat was full of self-pity. "I'm good for nothing. My father, a Vedic scholar, ruined my life. When all my friends pursued regular education, my father forced me to study Vedas in a Vedic school. Now my friends are earning more than Rs.20,000 a month as software programmers. I earn less than Rs.1,000 a month."