MS049 - The Desert Warrior

A reader asks: 'Money Spinners articles are informative. You mention many names, for example, Janaki. Are these projects real and verified?' Here is my response: 'Janaki is a real person and lives in Chennai with her husband and two kids. Money Spinners carries articles on real, viable, doable projects that I know personally. But, names are always fictitious and dialogues are often edited. Tell me, how does it matter to you whether Janaki is real or not, whether Sujatha earns or not? You must understand the spirit of the articles and become prosperous by using the project ideas.

MS048 - Average housewife, Above-average income

Recently a reader sent an email to me: 'I am a regular reader of your articles. Your articles are crafted to attract the readers to the New Indian Express and the website Though the articles are inspiring, I don't think I will ever make money through an Internet business.' I replied: 'Every book, movie or business is designed to attract patrons. I am happy that you have been attracted to my articles and to the New Indian Express. Please tell me how many websites did you create before coming to such a negative conclusion?' He replied: 'none'.

MS047 - The Language of Money

You often say that everyone can make money because everyone is an expert in something. That's an inspiring statement without much practical value," Radhika said to me. "What makes you think so?" I asked.

"I can speak good English and write poems in English. Who will buy my poems?" Radhika said. "I know many poets that make money online," I told her, "You are good in English. But, most people don't read poems and that makes your market small. Think of something that attracts all and you'll discover an infinite market in no time."

MS046 - 10 Steps to Rs.20,000 monthly income

I was traveling from Christchurch to Singapore. The passenger sitting next to me in the flight was a middle aged Indian woman. She was restless.

"Are you okay?" I asked her. "No," Anita replied, "I migrated to New Zealand from India with the hope of creating prosperity in my life. After toiling on menial jobs for more than two years, I am returning to India for good with a heavy heart. Every thing is wrong in my life. Even this seat is not comfortable."

MS045 - Rs.1,00,000 from Home based BPO work

Janaki is a housewife and a mother of two young children. Her husband is a Public Relations Executive in a private company. Every Indian housewife aspires to improve her family's prosperity and standard of living and Janaki is no exception.

"Your articles are inspiring. I too want to be self-employed and earn money. I am ready to work hard and develop my skills. But, I do not know how to get paid work. Will anyone in the world trust me and give me some work?" Janaki asked me.

MS044 - Home Based BPO Work for Housewives

"I am living in a two bed room flat. I want to move into a spacious independent house. It means spending Rs.3,000 more in rent every month. Though I can afford it now, I would love to earn that money from a home based work," Sujata said. She is a middle aged mother of two young children. Her husband is an Internet entrepreneur and no one knows, including Sujata, what exactly his nature of work is and what his income is.

MS043 - A housewife earns more than her 'employed' husband

Raji gave me a piece of paper on which she had written: '5 AM-9 AM: Household work. 9.30 AM-1 PM: Household work. 1 PM-2 PM: TV. 2 PM-4 PM: Sleep 4 PM-8 PM: Household work. 8 PM-9 PM: TV. 9 PM - 9.30 PM: Argue with husband about money and other things. 9.30 PM Sleep with a heavy heart.'

"What a meaningless life!" Raji said. "You asked me to analyze my life for 24 hours and do a self-evaluation. I did it and I have come to the conclusion that I have nothing useful to do in my life other than being an honorary maid."

MS042 - Luck and Income

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all men and women with a burning aspiration to create luck and prosperity in their life must be self-employed. If you don't get any job and is unemployed, it means you are extremely lucky. Unemployment creates prosperity and infinite income. Unemployment is luck.

MS041 - High Income Hobbies

A teenager has converted his 'useless' hobby into a money machine and earns Rs.23,000 a month. Making money has become his new hobby. What is your hobby?

Naren's father told me, "My son is a spoiled brat. He has stopped going to college. I don't have any savings. So, he has no future." Naren was not disturbed a bit by his father's complaint and I felt he would be the last person to worry about his future. His bright teenage eyes laughed at and challenged everything they saw.