MS038 - Cash Relationship Management

 Ratan had strong views about his motherland, its people and its future. "This country has become a heaven for fully clad barbarians. Our society has become so spoilt and corrupted that only crooked, dishonest, hard hearted, selfish people can live here. There is no future for well behaved, soft-speaking, honest young men and women," he declared.

"Do you have any plans to change this horrible state of things?" I asked him. "Are you kidding? I am an unemployed individual without any money or power. What can I do except expressing my unhappiness and disappointment?" Ratan replied.

MS037 - Reward For Response

Last week I read in The New York Times a news article about a successful online forum operator. He is a 26 years old American entrepreneur. He works from home and earns $10,000+ a month. That article made me think of Vikram.

I met Vikram a few years ago in a restaurant in New Delhi. Then he was 26 and was working as a waiter in that restaurant. When he took order from me for my dinner, I was impressed by his command over English, quick wit and charming smile.

MS036 - The Genius Income

Urmila is a mother of two young children - the boy is 2 years old and the girl is six months old. "I have a baby-sitter and so I have plenty of time at my disposal. I am looking for a good home based self-employment opportunity. I am ready to learn new things and work hard. I can invest a few thousand rupees in the project," Urmila told me.

I looked at her kids and then told Urmila, "Einstein and Marie Curie are cute." Urmila smiled broadly and said, "He is Chandan and she is Charu." I said, "Well, if you want you can rename them as Einstein and Marie."

MS035 - A Fugitive's Income

I was traveling in a bus from Hamilton to Wellington in New Zealand. An Indian in his late twenties was sitting next to me. He was restless, looked tired and avoided eye-contact. As I had to travel with him for 6 hours, I decided to break the silence.

"Do you like this country?" I asked him. "A fugitive has no choice. He must live wherever he can find shelter and food and must be ready to leave that place at a moment's notice," Akash, that was his name, replied.

MS034 - Cash List

I want to do some Internet business. I would like to have a good business idea. Can you help me?" Mohana asked me. She is a middle aged housewife living in a small town with a population of half a million.

"Who is greater, money or man?" I asked Mohana. She replied, "My attitude has always been that man is greater than money. There can be no argument about it. However, at this moment, money is very important to me. I assure you, it's a temporary situation!"

MS030 - How to make money with credit cards - 2

You can make money with credit cards in six different ways: Debt consulting, Debt elimination books, Website on credit cards, Forums on credit cards. Blogs on credit cards and Lens on credit cards.

The first two routes are slightly difficult and it would be difficult for you to even make a beginning unless you are a finance professional. However, I have included them just for the sake of record and I will not elaborate on them.