MS006 - The Knot of Matter

If you give up Ignorance, Inertia and Division, the sword of Luck will strike at the knot of your financial difficulties and you will be financially independent soon.

One fine morning Raj realized what the terms infinite and finite meant. His wish-list was infinite. His qualification was finite. His wish-list included owning a bungalow in a posh residential area, buying the latest cars without a second thought and spending every summer in Switzerland. His qualification was that he was a commerce graduate without a job. He and his parents lived on his father's pension.

MS004 - One and Many

If you understand that one is many, you will make money. One great content or product can be rendered into many profitable forms or products. You don't have to be a professional to create many from one to make money.

A few years ago, Peter Lynch wrote an excellent book on stock market with the title 'One up on Wall Street'. After reading this book, John told me, "Had I read this book last year, I would not have lost Rs.1,00,000 in stock market. My hard earned money has gone with the wind."

MS003 - Contraries are Complements

You want to make money working from home. But, you don't want to sell anything. You can solve this riddle and discover hundreds of income opportunities, if you understand that contraries are complements.

What is the perfect way to get into depression? Being a graduate without a job, trying to meet expenses without adequate income, living in debts without assets, having dreams with no hopes for fulfillment - possibilities are endless. Sanjala had all these problems - in abundance! Sanjala is a B.A. graduate. She was, three years ago, a homemaker in the deepest depression.

MS002 - Profitable Waste

Millions of people around the world are making a living online through self-employment. Many average men and women are already doing it in India.

At last, you too can start your own profitable internet business at a shoestring budget - a profitable business of your own where it is difficult to lose money.

MS001 - Light the Lamp

Every Indian woman, irrespective of her educational or social qualifications, can earn money. Practical ideas in the articles in this column will show you how you too can earn.

Mahalakshmi is the goddess of money, prosperity and wealth. When a marriage takes place in India, everyone in the new bridegroom's family happily says about the new bride that, "Mahalakshmi has come into our house to light the lamp." No Indian says, "Kali or Saraswathi has come."

About Money Spinners

Thousands of average men and women with simple, ordinary skills have created prosperity in their life through entrepreneurship, have solved their financial problems and are making money. All these successful persons are, without an exception, like you and me. If an average next door neighbor can make money through self-employment, why not you?